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ISO 9001-2008

ISO 14001-2004

OHSAS 18001-2007

• The company boasts of being the first in its kind to have planned plantations and gardens, giving the workplace an amiable atmosphere and contributing to the environment whilst ensuring a sustained ecological balance 

• Water treatment (de-scaling) is carried out at regular intervals

• Pollution control systems have been installed in which proper water treatment of outlet smoke is done, and residue acid discarded

• The conventional methods of ineffective acid fumes’ collection and scrubbing are done away with, and the entire pretreatment area is encapsulated in a tunnel enclosure, reducing the fumes inside the galvanizing shop to less than 1 ppm 

• A moving hood enclosure over the zinc kettles ensures  complete entrapment of all white fumes which are then taken to a bag house filter system, kept above room temperature to ensure smooth filtration of the zinc fumes and avoid clogging of the system


Quality Policy

Environmental Policy

Safety Policy

• The flue gases from the furnace are effectively used to heat the degreasing tanks, and subsequently the flux bath and conveyor type pit drier, leading to a very high efficiency of fuel used

• The effluent treatment is a state of the art automatic process which reduces the Fe++  into Fe(OH)3 which are used for manufacture of commercial bricks  (can also be safely disposed, non toxic). The Total Dissolved Solids and chloride salts are then treated to produce inert sulphate salts 

• Environmental friendly and highly productive producer gas units have been deployed in both plants in 2008-09 to ensure capacity enhancement and clean working.