fabrication galvanizing steel
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• State of the art CNC machines, from FICEP S.p.a. Italy form the basis of the   Fabrication shop, accounting for 80% work and ensure:
   • Simplicity of working

   • High productivity 

   • Accuracy and adherence to tolerances laid down by the best quality     standards in the world

   • Repeatability with consistency like never before 

• A full range of CNC's and other manual machines from FICEP suitable for processing angles of all sizes are invaluable in proto passing and tower fitting is made simple. 

• This set of 'new generation' Ficep CNC's can be hooked up together and programmed from the towers' drawings directly Stray fabrication and left over work can be easily accessed from the previous 10000+ stored drawings in each machine, the work becoming as simple as loading and unloading the material.


• Highly advanced and automated techniques engaged through PLC controls are used to ensure a smooth flow of materials into and throughout the fabrication shop and galvanizing plant. 

• Congestion and zig zag movement of materials is avoided in a variety of operations in the fabrication shop by ensuring a streamlined movement through both overhead bridge cranes and jib cranes. 

• The layout has been planned to effect the highest possible productivity in the country, and with minimum manpower involvement, again reducing costs and wastages. 

• The material is transferred from the fabrication shop to the galvanizing plant with the help of shuttles, trolleys and forklifts, a unique concept used to facilitate quick stacking and un-stacking of materials from the fabrication machines to the galvanizing racks.

• Recording of stacked material project-wise and ensuring proper bundling using warehousing techniques like RFID tracking will ensure complete traceability of  even the last pieces of any project.

• Proper tar/ cement finished roads and yards provide for congestion free movement of vehicles and material throughout the plant. A separate 2300 sq. m. area has been allotted for proto assembly of towers.